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All Intensivists Are Not Created Equal

I’d like to preface this story by saying that the majority of the intensivists I have worked with have been exceptional, caring, and professional. We had all established a good camaraderie, and we had mutual respect for each other. We worked well together.

How The Pandemic Is Exacerbating The Opioid Crisis

Kim Janda likes to say he has engineered immune cells in the lab capable of protecting the human body against virtually "everything that's walked or crawled"—including some of the most toxic known diseases, including anthrax, botulinum neurotoxin, and ricin.

Doctors Are Fleeing The Medical Field. Here’s Why.

The first day I started work as an attending physician in primary care medicine, I knew I had made a terrible mistake. This was not the heroic, selfless, service-oriented job or the romantic life “as seen on TV” I had imagined.

Wartime Doctors Battling Covid-19 Rush To Treat The Ill — But Without Knowing What Really Works

For most of April, Marylu Seidel felt like she was starring in a science fiction movie. Her husband of 34 years, Jeff, was sedated in an intensive care unit more than an hour’s drive away in Madison, Wis., and her only window into his world was a daily phone call with his nurses.

7 Habits Of Highly Resilient Physicians

Before the pandemic, we had an epidemic of physician burnout, with many physicians caught in a cycle of exhaustion, cynicism, and loss of purpose. All the change and uncertainty the virus has brought certainly doesn’t help! It’s now more imperative than ever that physicians build resilience to all the pressures and stress of our careers.

Fatal Overdoses Often Mistaken for Cardiac Arrest

Deaths from drug overdose often gave the impression of being sudden cardiac death until an autopsy determined otherwise, according to a study.

Rush For Vaccine Leaves Little Recourse For Anyone It Harms

Americans who suffer adverse reactions to coronavirus vaccines that the U.S. is racing to develop will have a hard time getting compensated for injuries from the drugs.

How Will Future Generations Remember Covid-19?

When my son was in third grade, his class took a field trip to the Spanish Military Hospital Museum in St. Augustine, Florida. This was a military facility that operated in the late 18th century. It operated at a time when St. Augustine changed hands from Spain to England and then back to Spain. The museum provides tours that recreate the bygone hospital practices.

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